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Disability & Equality Trainer & Access Audit Professional with over 20 years experience as a wheel chair user


About Us

The right information and support promotes confidence and independence

 Wheely Independent is a company set up by John in 2002 as a result of him finding how difficult it was to obtain good disability information and service provision, that truly met the needs of people living with a disability.

That companies, health providers, education and leisure & tourism were all lacking in the understanding and empathy required in order to provide the necessary access to goods and services to provide a level of independence to suit the needs of all.

We offer an unmatched variety of courses, programs and bespoke solutions and plans created for individuals or groups of all ages and academic levels.

This is achieved via The tailored Disability and Awareness Courses or the Access Consultant designs and recommendations provided by John to suit the requirements of all situations. 

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Disability & Equality Training to suit All

By the end of the session, delegates will:

Understand the difference between disability and impairment

Explored the difference between the social and medical models

Examined how negative images feed the use of disabling language

Identified and began to remove barriers to inclusion and practiced it in their place of work

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Access Audits, Planning and Property Appraisals

All reports are researched and prepared by John who set up the company in 2002 and has been a Wheel Chair user for over 20 years

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Cost of Services

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Training Feedback from Delegates and Clients


The endorsements below are from a range of delegates from

NHS, BDA, Care Homes, Police, Corporate  and Public Companies and other groups


By the end of the lecture a delegate should:-

Understand the difference between disability and impairment.

Have explored the difference between the social and medical models

Have examined how negative images feed the use of disabling language 

Have identified barriers to inclusion that need to be removed in their place of work 

Comments for the speaker

Well delivered.,

relevant and very useful.

Very many thanks John.  Excellent / very informative! 

Very good lecture. 


well presented, amusing lecture. 

Very good, as last time. 

Thank you, John. 

Excellent lecture Thank you.  Brilliant,

Thoroughly enjoyable.  Excellent lecture as good as last time – Thank you.

Clearly explained. 

Very informative and easy to listen to. 


Very informative. 

Very engaging lecture, very informative.

Enjoyed the talk, it was food to have some humour. 

Very enjoyable presentation. Thank you John. 

Really useful session, very interactive and especially liked the games that allowed us to get an understanding of the disabilities.

Excellent,  clear and informative course. Great use of games and tasks that really gets you thinking. Very enjoyable

Very interesting,  interactive course.  Lots of information.  I have gained lots of knowledge. Thank you for being so open about your own personal disability.

Very interesting overall with all forms of disabilities. The games in the second half really made you think.

Fabulous session explaining this topic from a personal point of view.  funny,  informative and thought provoking.

Enjoyed the talk. John has a lovely approachable manner – not shy of any questions !  Varied presentation / games which made me definitely more aware of what I could do improve when coming into contact with a person with a disability.

Clear information given and delivered with humour.

This was a brilliant insight into disability awareness and etiquette. I think it is something we worry too much about sometimes in case we say or do the wrong thing especially in today’s society. John you totally reassured us not to be afraid to ask questions. A brilliant course. Thank you.

Great insight into disability not just for wheelchair users but all disabilities and how to think even for a short while how somebody with sight impairment etc may feel or be affected by the world and  people around them.

Excellent, clear, informative and thought provoking.  Challenges the everyday perception of disability. Thank you. Really enjoyable.

Thank you John for a fabulous presentation. You are a gifted, honest and inspirational speaker who is not  it seems afraid of any questions !!.  It was a pleasure to learn from someone who really knows  what they are talking about. The interactive parts were great and very thought provoking. I learnt a lot today.

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